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A parenting project to prevent drug use with Latino youth

This project is focused on the promotion of parenting practices aimed at preventing early onset of drug use among low-income Latino/a youth in Detroit

Hispanics are exposed to intense health disparities, including disparities with respect to many NIDA outcomes. For example, Hispanic young adolescents are at high risk for cigarette use, alcohol use, and use of the majority of illicit substances. According to Monitoring the Future data (2010-2011), the prevalence of marijuana use for Hispanic 8th graders was 17%, compared to 11% for Euro-Americans and 14% for African Americans. With regard to two-week binge drinking, the prevalence was 10% for Hispanics, 6% for Euro-Americans, and 5% for African Americans. The complexity of this phenomenon is evident when considering differential substance according to specific Hispanic ethnic backgrounds. Specifically, Delva and colleagues analyzed Monitoring the Future data with a subsample of Hispanic 8th graders (1991-2002) and found that Mexican American youth reported the highest prevalence of marijuana use (20.9%), followed by Puerto Rican (18.8%), and Cuban American (16.7%). For heavy drinking, Mexican American youth also had the highest prevalence (22.2%), followed by Cuban American (18.7%), and Puerto Rican (16.7%). Addressing early drug use among Hispanic youth is of critical importance, as early onset is associated with future substance abuse and dependence.

The main goal of this project is to empirically test the implementation feasibility and initial efficacy of a culturally-adapted and web-enhanced version of an efficacious parenting intervention aimed at reducing substance use likelihood among Hispanic youth. The target population for this study consists of low-income and first generation Hispanic families living in Detroit, Michigan, as this population is exposed to intense contextual stressors associated with early onset of drug use. The adapted intervention is known as Parent Management Training, the Oregon Model (PMTO) and the intervention effects have been documented in a prevention trial extending over a nine-year follow up period, indicating sustained reductions in youth internalizing and externalizing behaviors, including substance use likelihood. Empirical research with Hispanic families has also demonstrated that the core components of the PMTO intervention are highly syntonic with key Hispanic cultural values and traditions.


We are seeking a few and highly committed undergraduate students interested in: 1. Gaining experience in a federally funded program of research 2. Interested in gaining experience in data management and preliminary data analytical activities. 3. Interested in collaborating in presentation of research studies in professional conferences, as well as generation of manuscripts. 4. Interested in attending a few parenting sessions in the community to gain real-world experience with regards to an applied services research project in underserved communities

The principal investigator of this project (Dr. Parra-Cardona)is fully committed to ensuring that this experience is valuable to students, as well as to actively working with students on generating letters of support as needed, even after the participation in this project is completed. Because this is a federally funded research project, previous students involved in the project have benefited substantially from this type of support when applying to graduate programs or employment opportunities.

Project Coordinator

Jose Ruben Parra-Cardona ( parracar )
Posted: 16-08-31
no compensation
Start Date: 16-08-31
End Date: 17-05-19

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