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Lab opportunity to work on stem cell research and human cardiovascular development

The Aguirre Lab is looking for motivated and skilled research assistants to study the molecular mechanisms of human cardiovascular development and regeneration.

The Aguirre lab, located at the Institute for Quantitative Health Science and Engineering (IQ Building), is looking for motivated and skilled research assistants. IQ offers and exciting and unique environment to perform state-of-the-art basic and translational biomedical research with top scientists in the field. We focus on understanding the critical pathways that control development, regeneration and cell fate, with a particular emphasis on the cardiovascular system. Our fundamental goal is to use this information to harness the regenerative power of our cells and organs for therapy. We are a dynamic lab with ample expertise in molecular and cellular biology, functional genomics, mass spectrometry-based lipidomics, human stem cell models and animal work (zebrafish, mouse).

Research assistants will be expected to help with routine laboratory tasks initially, and will get involved in research depending on skills and training. We are looking for motivated, meticulous students that are well-organized and can work in a group. Students will be trained in all required tasks by a mentor. Some work might involve live animals (mice, zebrafish).

Selected individuals will have the opportunity to attend lab meetings, get advanced laboratory training and mentorship, and will be allowed to present their work at conferences or meetings. There are also opportunities to co-author papers. To learn more about our research visit our webpage:


GPA of 3.2 or higher required, 8-10 hours/week minimum time in the lab. Hours are flexible.

To apply send a cover letter with your scientific interests, career goals and why you want to work with us, and a recent CV.

For More information:

Project Coordinator

Aitor Aguirre ( aaguirre )
Posted: 18-05-15
no compensation
Start Date: 18-05-15
End Date: 18-08-31

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